Hi! I’m Bartek Tatkowski and I’m the world’s okayest programmer.

I’m also a pretty decent father and husband, make-do entrepreneur, alright podcaster and generally well-rounded individual. This is my place on the internet to get things of my chest.


Silly projects & domains

SamVimesBootsTheory.com – I found myself referencing a quote from a Terry Pratchett book so often I bought the domain.

Monokrom.se – A nice sounding domain name for future use

StatligSkatt.se – As a business owner I found myself googling for the state tax bracket level in Sweden fairly often. Up on it’s own domain it goes!

Kodjobb.se – A small app I build to teach myself deploying .NET Core apps to vanilla Linux VPS’s

Swordle.se – A Wordle clone in Swedish, built with Blazor.

Dekalfabriken.se - A sideproject of mine

Work with me

I run a contracting business, BRTK Dev AB, where I help organization with .NET devlopment, training and coaching. If you want to work with me, get in touch!